At the start in March 2004, we aimed to profile ourselves as a reliable and sustainable partner for software service and telecom companies, software integrators, software manufacturers, hardware manufacturers and system integrators.

After all these years we are still proud to be able to offer our clients a range of innovative and high-quality services in software design, implementation, integration of IT systems and consultancy.

The foundation of our success is our human capital. The talent of our IT consultant makes us excel in different sectors.

After years of steady growth, 2-People ICT Services decided to also focus on the full insourcing of help-desk and on-site support.

  • Today, we always keep our core values in mind in everything we do:
  • Reliability:  Collaboration based on respect and trust
  • Quality:  Continuous quality improvement
  • Flexibility: Collaborating to meet our clients’ needs, as well as creating opportunities for personal development
  • Continuity:  Building long term relationships